2 In 1 Baby Sippy Cup

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Non Spill 2 In 1 BPA Free 6 Month 6 Ounce Baby Sippy Cup

Stage 1 (0 to 12 months)
bottle stage:
the complete system includes an automatically adjusted flow teat.

Stage 2 (6 months upwards)
spout stage:
It has a spout cover


As soon as a baby starts eating without help he likes his independence. He tries to reach out and grasp things and tip them over. It is only after much effort and practice that he will acquire manual dexterity. The SunDelight training cup helps Baby to learn to use his hands and to progress from bottle to cup with its three accessories:

Non-spill cup design is great to use at home or for travel. And the products are suitable to any activity outside the house, park, and beach. The soft and flexible spout makes drinking easy and comfortable. This helps your baby graduate from feeding bottles to open drinking cups.